Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday 2 months later

1. Cracker dust in your bed. Sleep's good, but gritty.
2. Suck cold air through your teeth. Coax breakfast back down.
3. Soak your sweatshirt on wet turf. Swear to God you hear the sky move.
4. Try to love the word "supine." Think of taxis, illness, boiled air fresheners.
5. Continue to hate the word "supine."
6. Curl swollen hands into half-fists. Be the girl who stares at her hands.
7. Mount the mirrors. Measure perfectly with your eyes and feel like a fucking badass.
8. Look up every other word on the back of Spanish hot chocolate. Heat milk with a "recipient of fire."
9. Refuse to drop the cuttlefish subject. Forcefeed roommates YouTube videos.
10. Doodle the fuck out of your arm.
11. Use the word fuck twice.
12. Thrice.

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