Thursday, August 27, 2009


1. Wake up at noon.
2. Eat a smoothie because you're sick of drinking them. Big bowls of frosty strawberry soup.
3. Ask Bryce to use his printer. Double click, six resumes.
4. Banish one page to the mailbox. Overnight. I'm sorry.
5. Two point two miles on the treadmill before your stomach revolts. Paint the trashcan pink. Front desk guy says Get some rest.
6. Watch Discovery Health instead.
7. Write stupid, "what up" style e-mails to industry professionals on the off-chance someone thinks you're funny.
8. Stuff peppers with Mom. Wonder how long we've had this basil.
9. Lie very still in the grass, in the dark. See everything that's not there.
10. Mom says "We're watching Sunshine Cleaning."
11. Watch Sunshine Cleaning.

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