Wednesday, September 10, 2008


1. Veins contract, sting with synthetic cancer. Nurse smiles and says "One less."
2. Tap poor rhythm on the steering wheel. This song was shitty to begin with.
3. Feet fling me too far forward and Go ahead, cement. Scrape my skin off.
4. No, please, in front of all these people -- just peel me like an orange.
5. Cut the paper into strips. Fold the strips into squares. I am surrounded by trash.
6. Fruit stickers fresh from the laundry. A denim peach.
7. Bridges into fall. I cross the asphalt barefoot.
8. Buttons strain, cheeks swell. I blame what's not to blame.
9. Everything seems out of place.
10. Everything is out of place.

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