Sunday, November 16, 2008


1. Up at 7, down at 8... 9, 10, 11, quarter til 12...
2. Hair and teeth unbrushed, mascara streaks beneath your eyes -- You're either tired or edgy.
3. Lingual epiphany. Russian sounds like Russian.
4. A pretty window made of crayon. CRAY-on.
5. Skin peels off like sheets in the shower and Oh. Leprosy.
6. Staples and string. Autumn fits perfectly in two paper bags. One has handles.
7. Thousands of third graders gain access to fog machines. Privileges abused, misused, revoked before we make it home.
8. Regret, pumpkin ice cream, regret.
9. Marco has morals.
10. Sleep isn't, really.

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