Wednesday, November 5, 2008


1. Realize "sleep" is actually the 6 to 8 hours I spend each night tying strands of hair into impossibly small knots.
2. Sock with a Hole snags a zipper. Sock with Two Holes is born.
3. Creative brief forgets its own name; focuses solely on brevity.
4. Pee hinders learning.
5. Callouses form and deform. My palms are sweaty.
6. Lights out at 4. I stop noticing how pretty the leaves are.
7. These jokes are rehearsed.
8. Demagnetized corner of the TV shows blue states red. Katy and I panic.
9. A pre-celebratory celebration.
10. Talk about history, about future, about our would-be children and how creepy it is that the answer to "What were you doing when ____?" will always be "Talking about you."

I wish epic weren't so epic. Sometimes I start reliving moments worth reliving as soon as they happen, so I just end up reliving my premature reliving, which wasn't actually that awesome to begin with. It's like Back to the Future, but shittier because I don't have an '82 DeLorean.

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