Thursday, November 20, 2008


1. It's too goddamn early to be untangling leaves.
2. Tell Steve Asbury your name is Darcie. And you are an ad major. Aand... Smile awkwardly at your hands. THE END, STEVE ASBURY. THE END.
3. Promise to think about monsters. Worry about Russian instead.
4. Vomit large, incoherent chunks of cyrillic all over Condon 121. Manage to offend everyone.
5. Sleepy eyes, a sore back. Every set in slow motion. We're glued to the clock.
6. Forget to involve your bike in the "locking your bike to the bike rack" process. Consider actually sleeping someday.
7. Yell at Evan. Every class is full, your minor is pointless, all classes are pointless, your life is pointless, you hate everyone, everyone is pointless - Hang up. Breathe. Apologize.
8. Wash and dry your keys. Rub said keys against face. Burn a little.
9. Think about all the monsters you haven't been thinking about. Decide "in poor taste" is the only way.
10. Self-conscious elbows in your face, your hair, your... elbow.

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