Thursday, November 6, 2008


1. Wake up wondering when Obama went to bed last night.
2. Skip Russian. Attempt to eat eggs using only one prong of the fork.
3. Deny raincoat. Deny raincoat. I'M NOT WEARING THE FUCKING RAINCOAT.
4. Accept defeat. Walk home waterproof.
5. Amble through Hadji Murad. Feel the discord too strongly, paint a picture of a prune.
6. Subtitles I can't see. Words I know, but strain to understand. I'd rather sleep.
7. A wall of rocks. A giant wall of rocks.
8. A sprint to the finish. Eat shit, yellow volunteer shirt.
9. Big gulps of water to wash down the ache.
10. Tyra sends the wrong girl home.

1 comment:

megan pants said...

Aw come on, the raincoat wants to help.