Sunday, November 2, 2008


1. Shove the screen aside and perch.
2. Pretend to be observant, but see nothing, really. My ass is cold.
3. Pace for the sake of pacing.
4. Black ink slips my mind for the fifth week in a row. Resume prints pink.
5. End the better part of an hour with jeans and a tshirt. Convince myself the scarf adds class.
6. Smile when I speak. Smile when I don't speak. Laugh. Shake hands. Smile when I speak.
7. Tires lose their grip just north of a leaf pile. Legs pedal as paper-mâché.
8. Nap is warm, dry, and quickly ruined.
10. Welcomely ruined.
9. Sparknotes read aloud, bedtime stories in brief, and I'm back asleep.

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