Sunday, November 9, 2008


1. Mikhail Alexandrovich slips beneath the streetcar before the eggs are done. Your fork marks the page.
2. Outside is warmer than it looks. You sweat beneath your layers.
3. Stevo doesn't see you. Slower now, still silent, invisible, smiling. Stevo doesn't see you.
4. Tug your bike from underneath the SUV, pound the window with an open fist until you start to cry.
5. Driver freezes, stares at his hands on the steering wheel. You feel dumber than you should.
6. Wheels click the whole walk home.
7. Wash your face, apply too much makeup.
8. Costco list lengthens between aisles.
9. Snap peas are not snowpeas. A three-pound resealable bag of disappointment.
10. A second go at Pan's Labyrinth. More prepared this time, you pee while the Captain beats that guy's face in.